May 6, 2010

Burning Up!

Just had a few minutes to play yesterday so I popped into Malatina's Survival Game. It's a 10 minute game where you kill dudes, dig up tiles and either get treasure chests or more dudes to kill. It scales with your level, so I've been playing it since I was level 30 or so. Right now it's really easy cuz I don't think it levels past 50 and I'm 57/55.
It's a cool game and sometimes I get neat prizes or at least things that I can sell on the AH. It only costs 30 Phirius tokens too which is well worth it if I come out with some Phirius potions or a blue recipe.
Anyway, yesterday I was in there and there was a bit of a glitch. Something set me on fire, not sure what it was, and I never went out! I just kept burning and burning. Fortunately for me, I didn't continue receiving damage from it, but I did stay on fire until I left the game. Kinda fun to play like that. I felt very devilish!
Other than that brief flaming adventure, all I had time to do was a quick set of dailies and stab Crafty to death for some lowbies.
Ooh, by the way, one of my fabulous guildies made a new website for our guild. Check it out: Medieval Guild

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