September 14, 2010

Look At Me! I'm A Manticore!

Medi and I were doing some quests tonight in AV, which is rare, cuz it's not often that we are on the same quest line. But as it turned out, we ended up on divergent paths anyway.
See, we each took the quest,Taming Techniques, and it asked us how we would like to train the manticores. I chose the first option, peacefulness, and Medi chose "domination", as he called it.  :)
The quest gave each of us a different task to complete. I didn't think that was possible in this game. I thought that it didn't really matter what conversation option you took: it always led back to the same thing. But apparently not!
So I got transformed into a manticore and roamed the area to learn about their habits. Meanwhile, Medi was slaughtering my newfound friends!
Eventually the quest lines merged again and we were back doing the same things, but it was neat to discover that there were such options in the game. I wonder how many other quests I could have done differently?

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