September 7, 2010

The Residents of Angren

In Northen Janost Forest lies the rustic town of Angren, home to some ferocious yet intriguing cat people. Spiral got permission from the Angren elders to enter the village and was suprised and confused by what she found there.

First of all was this delightful young fellow. Waggling his little ears, the sweet little cub asked Spiral to make a bouquet of flowers to cheer his mother up. When the flowers were delivered however, momma-cat despaired that little Glick would never grow up to be a bloodthirsty killer like her, but rather would open a quaint flower shop down in Rh'anka village and live out his days sighing over lavender and tulips. Shame on you, momma-cat. Let Glick be whomever he wants to be!

The next interesting character Spiral stumbled across was this fine feline, Kimberly. My, my, my. Such feminine features! Such a delicate jaw! And such soft body hair covering the fragile form of this lovely lady.
All I can say, Kim, is good luck in the Women's Bodybuilding Championships and I know a guy who knows a guy who can get you some clean urine.

To round out a fascinating trip into kitty-land, Spiral happened to speak to a cat named Entorja who worships a very odd deity. I'm all for religious freedom so no jokes here. I sincerely hope that Sys104165_name showers his glorious blessings upon us all!

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