September 13, 2010

IDK 50

Went for a very successful first-time run through IDK 50 last night. We were a bit apprehensive going in, since all of us have had floor-hugging adventures in there previously, but we proceeded with caution and really didn't have that much trouble.

It helps that the group of us are getting to be pretty well-geared thanks to endless farming of Mad Man in DoD. I don't know if you can see it in the pic, but Medi has 48920 HP before he even puts on the Black Codex pots, although I think he has Grassland Mix on. When we fought Pangkor, the 4th boss, Medi commented, "That fight wasn't worth the pots!" It's nice to be uber.

The other thing that's really cool about running with guildies is we all get those great relationship buffs. It's fun to see those colourful icons pop up. And Maj and I finally reached level 2 for Master/Disciple. I guess I haven't been much of a good student if it took us this long!

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  1. I'm quite envious! The Icebound Guardian always glitches on us - he's always stuck on the stairs. We've also heard from other guilds on Grimdal that he suddenly jumped from 4% life to 100%...oh the agony!